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Financial Planning 

Our Process

One of the most rewarding things we do is to help clients identify the path forward to reaching their goals, whether it is retirement, starting a business or funding college.  One of the most rewarding plan we complete was helping a client who was well past retirement age realize that not only could he retire but that he and his wife would not need to change their lifestyle in retirement.  The client sat back in his chair and began to tear up and asked “Why hasn’t anyone showed this to me before”.  Even though he had worked with a couple of other advisers, they had not taken the time to do the planning and ask the questions necessary to have a complete picture of his situation.

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Planning Process


When we go through a planning project with a client the first thing we focus on is clarifying goals. 

Financial Review

Once the goals are established, the planning process takes shape by incorporating all areas that can impact the client’s ability to achieve their financial goals.   This includes current investments, retirement plans, life insurance, savings, college goals and estate plans, as examples.

Determine Your Direction

These various items are then modeled based on the client’s specific situation and risk profile to develop the financial plan.  If the plan identifies areas of need that require products we will help the client find address these needs with their current professionals or our network of professionals.  In either case, we do not sell product or receive any commissions.  As a fee only advisor, we are paid by the client the fee agreed on at the beginning of the project.

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