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Providence Financial Advisors, LLC was founded with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives. For each of our clients we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence.

Firm Overview

Business Philosophy

Selecting an investment advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make and requires a high level of trust. PFA treats each client relationship with the uniqueness required to help them meet their individual goals. The firm name was chosen because it captures what PFA wants to help each client accomplish, to prudently manage their resources.  Each client solution is unique to their financial situation, investment goals and risk profile.


PFA’s goal is to provide the best possible solution for each client situation.  The only way to accomplish this is to be completely independent so that our allegiance is solely to the client, not to a broker/dealer or a company that manufactures products.  As an independent advisor, PFA takes the position as an acknowledged fiduciary, requiring us to put your financial interest ahead of the firm or any individual working for the firm.


Your investment professional should posses the experience, education and professional certification necessary to help you through the maze of financial questions and conditions you face.  Steve Cox, the founder, and Mark Donaldson, have over 50 years of experience between them in the investment industry, working with a variety of client types and in various market conditions.  This experience will be put to work for you to help you meet your financial goals.

Technical competence is also critical.  As a Chartered Financial Analysts, Steve and Mark have been tested across a wide variety of investment topics including individual security analysis, portfolio construction, investment monitoring and investment policy statements. They also voluntarily participate in a continuing education program to keep there technical skills current.  Both principals are actively involved in industry organizations.


Similar to other professional orginizations, PFA is compensated on a fee only basis.  This arrangement eliminates conflicts of interest that are created when an advisor is collecting a commission from the solutions recommended to a client.  You can be assured that the recommendations PFA makes to you are based on what is best for your situation and not driven by revenue considerations.  All fees are provided and agreed upon prior to engagement.

Professional Services

Every client situation is unique.  As an independent advisor, PFA utilizes an open architecture platform to develop the solutions best for your financial situation.  PFA is not locked into predetermined planning recommendations or investment options but can focus on the full spectrum of options available to provide solutions that best fit your situation. PFA will work along side your current professional advisors, or has a network of professionals to make sure all aspects of your financial plan are addressed and up to date.

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